In 1999, a group of Brownsboro neighbors began meeting to discuss proposed and potential housing developments, land use changes, water, sewer and traffic issues, increased taxation, and other matters destructive of Brownsboro as we know it.  Today, Brownsboro Alliance continues their work as an advocate for the community of Brownsboro.

Brownsboro was first settled around 1782, and flourished during the 19th century. The village became a thriving agriculturally based community, with distilleries, grain mills, saddleries, boot and shoe makers directly benefiting from the natural resources surrounding them. But 20th- century industrialization and suburbanization made it difficult for Brownsboro to continue. Yet somehow this little crossroads in Oldham County, and the area surrounding it, managed to resist most suburban sprawl. Today, Brownsboro is ready to define a new kind of connection between rural and urban lives—taking the best from each to make our current world a better place.

Brownsboro Alliance sees opportunity: a chance to grow sustainable businesses the way our neighbors grow sustainable foods. Filling the vacant spaces of failed suburban experiments with innovative, energetic new ways of bridging the divide between rural and urban living—manufactories, shops and spaces that place respect for land and environment at the center of their efforts.

Join Brownsboro Alliance in our efforts to recreate the village of Brownsboro within the energy- and environment-conscious framework of 21st century living. Brownsboro will get to reclaim its place at the forefront of a new Kentucky. You’ll get better food, a better connection with Kentucky’s rural beauty, and a more sustainable approach to our region’s future.