Over the weekend, we made the BATA Membership Application Packet available online!  The trail will open this fall for hikers and horseback riders.  Individuals or families can apply.  Membership pricing is as follows:

  • Individual Riding Membership $100
  • Family Membership $250 (up to 4 tags)
  • Non-Riding Membership $50
  • Family Non-Riding Membership $125
  • Guest Tag $20 each (limit 4, good for one use only, once per month)

Also check out our latest Feature Article, Families will benefit from BATA Membership for a first-hand account of hiking the trail with small children from our webmaster, Emily Sears.

Invite neighbors, horse enthusiasts, families from your children’s schools, and outdoor adventurers you know to join BATA.  Membership applications are being accepted now and will become effective at the time of trail opening.