Throughout this week, the weather forecast predicts a hint of spring with temperatures in the 60s midweek.  But winter will rear its chilly head later in the week, reminding us that it is still only January and we’ll have to wait a little longer for spring.

As you go into hibernation once again, you may want to curl up on the couch with a good book.  Although there are no Oldham County Public Library branches locally in Brownsboro, you can bring the library to your home through the Oldham County Public Library’s digital Overdrive Library.

This free service allows library card holders to browse hundreds of digital media, including audiobooks, ebooks, music, and video, from their home computers.  Download your book or video from the OCPL website and listen directly from your computer, or transfer it to your e-reader or mobile device for access on-the-go.  If you need help, OCPL also offers a free Digital Media class at the Main Library to teach you how to borrow material from the digital Overdrive Library and load it on your personal device.  Visit OCPL for more information on the digital Overdrive Library.  Contact the Library for more information on the Digital Media class at (502) 222-9713.

Still wanting the comfort of a physical book in your hands?  OCPL has branches in Crestwood, Goshen, and LaGrange with an extensive catalog of books, magazines, audio, and other media available to patrons.  Visit OCPL online for the online catalog and special events held regularly at each branch.