Brownsboro Eatery open for dinner

Posted by on Aug 15, 2012 in local vendors | 1 comment

This morning the Brownsboro Alliance Board met in the heart of Brownsboro at the Brownsboro Eatery, so it seemed fitting to give our readers an update on Brownsboro’s most anticipated business opening this summer.

You’ll be delighted to know that the Eatery is now open for dinner Thursday through Saturday!  Plan a dinner meeting with colleagues or take the night off in the kitchen for a night out with your family.  Dinner is served until 8pm.  Wondering what you’ll order?  Check out the Eatery’s website for their menu, as well as complete hours of operation. The Eatery is on Facebook, too, so like their page for the latest news and updates.

New to Brownsboro?  Their website features a helpful map to get you to the right spot.  Whether you’re ready for a meal, want to browse the art gallery, or need something from their general store, be sure to stop in soon!

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  1. I have eaten from the Brownsboro Eatery. Breakfast is ok, lunch is. ok but dinner was the worst I have ever eaten. The vegetables were tasteless. The summer salad was terrible and the hot brown tasted like paste. I feel that the owner should know so improvements can be made. My father had a cafeteria for 50 years and he would have welcomed constrictive criticism. I do not want the business to fail but I will not be eating the food again.
    Thank you,
    Laura Smith 3100 Halls Hill Rd

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