“Brownsboro Now” group emerges among proposed city debate

Brownsboro residents are currently at a crossroads, as the future of Brownsboro is up for debate.  Hints of incorporating Brownsboro as a sixth-class city began last year, creating quite a stir among our quiet community.

A new group has emerged among the dissent in hopes of providing clarity on what incorporation would mean for the future of Brownsboro.  Brownsboro Now has developed extensive materials and resources for residents to be fully informed on the proposed Village.

On May 22, 2012, a petition to incorporate a proposed Village of Brownsboro was filed with the Oldham County Circuit Court.  For several months, residents and community leaders have been in discussion over the possibility of Brownsboro’s incorporation.  Questions and concerns have led to a division among our residents and community leaders, with some in favor of incorporation and others opposed – yet all wanting the best for Brownsboro.

On their website homepage, Brownsboro Now responses to several concerns among the Brownsboro community, answering hot topic questions about taxation and the petitioners in the Village proposal.

Brownsboro Now states, “Our formation committee, which is composed of residents from every corner of Brownsboro, feels strongly that it is time for us to take charge of the future of our beloved community.  We do not blindly oppose all changes happening within our borders.  We just want to have some say in how these changes occur.”  Brownsboro Now also cites the Brownsboro Master Plan as a critical document to guide change within the Brownsboro community.

Brownsboro Now’s purpose focuses primarily on self-determination, as well as better managing tax dollars.  According to Brownsboro Now, services such as garbage collection, added police protection, and beautification projects will be provided through the new city.  With many concerns about tax implications for the city’s residents, Brownsboro Now offers an example of how the proposed city could save some residents money, based on current taxes and services offered, on their Budget page.  Please visit brownsboronow.org for more information.  Everyone, in favor or opposed, is encouraged to attend upcoming hearings and to engage in research and discussion as we all work to embrace 21st century Brownsboro.

Brownsboro Alliance remains committed to its mission to renew and reconnect the economy, environment, and people of Brownsboro into a sustainable, innovative rural community.