Conservation Easement near Goshen

by Emily Sears | December 31, 2012

The Courier-Journal reported this week that two land trusts and landowner Eleanor Bingham Miller have agreed to a conservation easement on 17 acres of their land on South Buckeye Lane in Oldham County.

Rich in history, the land was once the site of a school for slave children, and later was used as an African-American church.  Today, the land hosts Field 51 Produce and Dropseed Nursery.  The easement will permanently limit the use of the land, protecting its history and conserving its natural and agricultural resources.

Another conservation easement is located in Brownsboro on the 524-acre Stonelea Farm.  Read more about the Stonelea conservation easement here.  Both the South Buckeye Lane and Stonelea easements cite increased watershed and water quality protection as benefits.  Both also remain privately owned.

Read the full article on the South Buckeye Lane easement in the Courier-Journal here.