The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is upon us, and many Brownsboro residents will be traveling throughout the month.  As you go on vacation or travel to visit family, help keep your home safe by using the House Watch Program offered by the Oldham County Police.

By participating in the House Watch Program, OCPD will place your address on a stepped-up patrol list.  Officers in your area will be instructed to keep a close eye on your property and to conduct area checks more regularly while you are away. Simply complete the information on the OCPD form online before you go out of town.  This service is free of charge and is offered throughout the year.

OCPD offers these additional tips to help protect your home while you’re away:

  • Use timers on lights, radios, tvs, etc. to make them go on and off during the day and night to make your home appear occupied.
  • Stop mail and newspaper delivery, or have neighbor pick up anything left at the home.
  • Ask the neighbors to watch your home and report any suspicious activities.
  • Leave your itinerary with a neighbor so you can be contacted in an emergency. (Also be careful about mentioning your travel plans in a public forum, such as Facebook.)
  • Disconnect your electric garage door opener and padlock the door, preferably on the inside.

For more information, please contact OCPD at 222-1300.  In case of emergency, dial 911.  Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season, at home and away!