Last week, we encouraged readers to shop locally, and Brownsboro’s own Foxhollow Farm is one local source for fresh produce and high-quality meats.

But the quest for local food shouldn’t stop there — Oldham County boasts of many farms to bring food to your table.

Ashbourne Farms in La Grange features grass-fed Shorthorn and Black Angus beef, as well as pastured pork and free-range eggs.  You can find their meat and produce around Louisville at farmer’s markets and local restaurants, as close to Brownsboro as Corbett’s at Old Brownsboro Crossing.

Goshen’s Woodland Farm has much to offer, with a wide range of farming techniques.  From chickens to bees, vegetable gardens to orchards, Woodland Farm works to maintain sustainability throughout each aspect of the farm.  Uniquely, Woodland Farm raises Authentic American Bison and has processing onsite.  Woodland Farm supplies Proof on Main in Louisville with vegetables and livestock deliveries twice a week.

Even Brownsboro has its share of unique livestock.  Hemmer Hill Farm raises purebred St. Croix hair sheep, a rare breed known for its parasite resistance and exceptional lamb production.  These sheep are bred for meat, not wool, and Hemmer Hill Farm was added to the Animal Welfare Approved Program in October 2011.

Experience Oldham County by visiting a farm near you, or support a local restaurant supplied by these local farms!