Brownsboro Alliance is gearing up for our Annual Polo Cup on September 1, 2012.  Do you have your tickets yet?  We are pleased to present some of the finest polo in Kentucky, with a 10-12 goal game.  Not sure what a 10-12 goal game is?  We’re here to help explain!

A 10-12 goal game indicates the handicap level of players.  Players have ratings from 0 to 10 goals.  This is a value of his ability as a player and provides a means of comparing one player with another.  It does not mean he will score this many goals in a game, however.  The goal rating of each team’s players are totaled.  Subtracting the lesser team’s rating from the greater and giving the difference to the weaker team establishes the handicap.

If you or some of your guests are generally unfamiliar with polo, rest assured that we will have information available at the event so that everyone can enjoy and understand the match.  Until then, here are some frequently asked questions about polo:

How many players are on a team?

  • There are four members per team, each assigned a specific duty on the field.

How long does the game last?

  • A typical outdoor game consists of six 7 1/2 minute periods, or “chukkas” in polo language.

During the six periods, are there timeouts?

  • Timeouts are allowed only in the event of a foul, safety, injury, broken tack, or a broken/buried ball.

How does a team score?

  • A ball driven between the posts or their lines projected upward is a goal.  After each goal, teams will switch goals to the opposite side of the field.

Come learn more about polo at the Brownsboro Alliance Cup!  Or for our polo enthusiasts, you are sure to appreciate the quality of this game.  See you there!