Get your Brownsboro going.

We’re building paths to a better Brownsboro.
Brownsboro is one of Kentucky’s oldest settlements. We want to “unsettle” things just a bit—by making Brownsboro a showplace for the 21st century. We’re Brownsboro Alliance—a partnership of people from around this area, working towards a better future for everyone.

A system of trails with natural access.
Along with area property owners, we’re building a system of connected pathways centering on Brownsboro’s historic crossroad at Highway 329 and Old Zaring Road. Our plan is for a maintained, monitored trailway that’s open to horses, hikers and more.

Green campus for a growing Oldham.
The Oldham County Board of Education plans a new K-12 educational campus on several acres in Brownsboro. Building on the success of Oldham County’s new LEED-Gold library, we see an opportunity to continue our county’s energy-forward decisions by helping design an LEED-Platinum Level campus.

Making best use of our local farm produce.
The Brownsboro crossroads is the perfect place for turning local agriculture into exceptional products. We want to look for business opportunities to help local farms find opportunity beyond the growing season.

Join us as we build a sustainable Brownsboro.
We’re excited about the future of Brownsboro, making our centuries-old settlement a statement of Kentucky’s sustainable success. Get your Brownsboro going.