Dear BATA Members, Supporters and Friends of the Brownsboro Trails:

Since the Phase I opening of the Brownsboro Trails in 2014, we have partnered with Foxhollow Farm for BATA’s trailhead location on their property.  As of July 29, 2020, Foxhollow Farm is proceeding in a different direction for the use of their property that includes what is presently BATA’s trailhead. Foxhollow Farm has sold this land (which includes BATA’s present trailhead) to one of their Gardeners so he can own his own land. BATA is grateful to Foxhollow Farm for allowing the use of their property for BATA’s trailhead these past six years.

Brownsboro Alliance’s Board of Directors is working diligently to relocate the trailhead nearby.  Until access is available for the new trailhead, limited parking for 4 cars is available as you turn into the present trailhead location off the roadside on the left of the driveway BEFORE the gate so construction trucks may pass easily.  Do not go through the gate – the trailhead is being bulldozed.  Lock your car as you would normally and proceed safely to cross the road to the woodlands.  Cars and horse trailers are also welcome to park at the Foxhollow Store parking lot though we realize that is a longer hike to the woodlands.  We apologize for this inconvenience.

Brownsboro Alliance and BATA ask for your patience as we proceed forward to ready a new trailhead location (estimated opening Fall, 2020) and your continued support of the Brownsboro Trails so we can preserve these natural beautiful woodlands for generations to come.

Board of Directors
Brownsboro Alliance