We have had some questions about trail membership and development, so here are some answers!

First of all, we are excited to have the contractor and gravel scheduled for preparing the trailhead parking lot.  Our next workday will be Saturday, September 27 from 8:30-11:30am.  Our focus on the 27th will be the parking lot, so we need helpers with heavy duty rakes and shovels.  Meet at the Camp’s Barn (9110 Hwy. 329, across from Foxhollow Farm) to park to be out of the way of the rock trucks.  We will walk/ride over to the trailhead together.

Also, feel free use the following links to directly access the membership application and the Indiegogo campaign.  You can forward these links to friends so they can easily find trail information. Please note that we are only accepting membership applications by mail, so download the forms at the link below and mail with payment to the address listed on the forms.

Membership Application

Indiegogo Campaign

If you have donated to the Indiegogo campaign, thank you!  Remember that with donations of $50, $100, $125, or $250, you can receive a membership if you select one of the “perks” of the campaign. (Membership level is based on the amount of your donation.)

Thank you for your support of Brownsboro Alliance and BATA!