Due to wet conditions, the trail will be closed to riders beginning on Monday, December 8.  Hikers are still welcome to use the trail at this time.  Please check our website for a re-opening announcement for riders as conditions for horses improve.

Please review the membership rules agreement for inclement weather.  From Page 2 of the Membership and Guest Application Packet:

2. Hours: Sunrise to sunset when trail is open; please check website BEFORE coming to use the trail, especially after heavy rain or snow.  We can’t permit horses on the trails if they are muddy.  A good rule of thumb is that if you can see the horse’s hoof prints on the trail, it is not okay to ride that day.  Hikers will be permitted even on non-horse days unless it is really muddy.

Thank you for understanding and abiding by this rule!  Hikers, be safe out there and enjoy your time on the trails.  We look forward to seeing riders back out on the trail on drier days!