Update: As of July 29, 2020, the Brownsboro Trails’ Trailhead is moving. Please read our important update.

Directions to the Brownsboro Alliance Trail Association’s (BATA) Trailhead

From I-71: The BATA Trailhead is only 2.3 miles off I-71! Take the Crestwood/Peewee Valley exit #14. From Louisville turn left onto 329 towards the town of Brownsboro (away from Crestwood). From Cincinnati turn right on to Hwy 329. Travel 2.3 miles. Pass the Foxhollow Farm entrance on your right. The BATA Trailhead entry will be on the right. If you pass Hwy 1694 South intersection, you have gone too far.

From Hwy 42: Turn onto Hwy 329 (Covered Bridge Rd). Travel on 329 for 5.3 miles. Just pass the Hwy 1694 South intersection, the BATA Trailhead entry will on the left.

From I-265: Take the Brownsboro Road/Crestwood Exit #34. Turn east onto 22 towards Crestwood (away from the Paddock (formerly the Summit )Shopping Center). Travel .07 miles and turn left onto 1694 North. You will pass Norton Commons on your left and continue on 1694 until it ends, forming a ‘T’ at Hwy 329. Turn right onto Hwy 329. Travel .02 miles. The BATA Trailhead entry will be on the left.

Trailhead Parking Lot is CLOSED and the gate inaccessible.  Please read about the changes to parking:

Limited parking for 4 cars is available as you turn into the present trailhead location off the roadside on the left of the driveway BEFORE the gate so construction trucks may pass easily.  Do not go through the gate – the trailhead is being bulldozed.  Lock your car as you would normally and proceed safely to cross the road to the woodlands.  Cars and horse trailers are also welcome to park at the Foxhollow Store parking lot though we realize that is a longer hike to the woodlands.  We apologize for this inconvenience.