Trailhead at Foxhollow Farm

We are pleased to partner with Foxhollow Farm as our first trailhead. The trailhead is located at the intersection of Hwy 329 & 1694 in Crestwood, Kentucky.  Please see below for information about the parking lot and the gate entry process.

Directions to the Brownsboro Alliance Trail Association’s (BATA) Trailhead

From I-71: The BATA Trailhead is only 2.3 miles off I-71! Take the Crestwood/Peewee Valley exit #14. From Louisville turn left onto 329 towards the town of Brownsboro (away from Crestwood). From Cincinnati turn right on to Hwy 329. Travel 2.3 miles. Pass the Foxhollow Farm entrance on your right. The BATA Trailhead gate entry will be on the right. If you pass Hwy 1694 South intersection, you have gone too far.

From Hwy 42: Turn onto Hwy 329 (Covered Bridge Rd). Travel on 329 for 5.3 miles. Just pass the Hwy 1694 South intersection, the BATA Trailhead gate entry will on the left.

From I-265: Take the Brownsboro Road/Crestwood Exit #34. Turn east onto 22 towards Crestwood (away from the Paddock (formerly the Summit )Shopping Center). Travel .07 miles and turn left onto 1694 North. You will pass Norton Commons on your left and continue on 1694 until it ends, forming a ‘T’ at Hwy 329. Turn right onto Hwy 329. Travel .02 miles. The BATA Trailhead gate entry will be on the left.

Trailhead Parking Lot

The parking lot is accessible to members, who each have an entry code to the gated entrance (see below). Once you pull into the parking lot, please use the following diagram to understand traffic flow and to know where to park:
HorseTrailParkingLot (1) with car spaces

Trailhead Gate Entry Process

Every member of BATA been issued a code upon receipt of a completed Membership Application, signed Rules Agreement and Release and Hold Harmless Agreements. If you have not received a code, please send an email to

This code is YOUR code, is for YOUR use ONLY and should not be shared. If we encounter violations, we will void your membership and that particular code. Please understand, the trail is on private land wherein landowners have given BATA members permission to hike and ride on the contingency that they are members of BATA. Please respect and comply with the rules so BATA trails can expand and be maintained.

There is a 15-second delay between entering a code and seeing the gate open so be prepared for that delay. The gate will close once you have passed through.

Hikers and horses should walk around the automatic gate on the right hand side. Do use extreme caution when crossing Highway 329.

Upon exiting, the gate will AUTOMATICALLY open whenever a vehicle approaches. Vehicles should approach the gate slowly and stop 20 feet from the gate, allowing room and time for the gate to open. The gate will close once you have passed through.