The Brownsboro Alliance Trail Association is a membership organization that makes the trails around Brownsboro accessible to individuals and families.  But why a membership organization?  BATA has acquired license agreements from landowners who have given permission for members of the organization to use the trails on their land.  Other trail systems that are available for public use have purchased land or have built trails on public property.  Because BA is not acquiring the land for the trail, those using the trails will be required to join the trail association as members, sign a liability waiver, and agree to follow the rules and regulations set forth in the membership agreement.

Because public grants and government funding are hard to come by for this type of project on private land, members will be assessed a small annual fee to help cover the cost of building and maintaining the trails. The cost to build a mile of the trail averages $5,000, using mostly volunteer labor and donations from various partners and in-kind donations of the tools and materials required.

We plan to expand the trail beyond Phase I, but we need your help.  Membership fees only cover the cost of maintaining the existing trail.  Donate to our Indiegogo campaign to build more trails throughout Brownsboro!