Exciting things are happening on the Brownsboro Trails! Unaka Environmental, LLC has been onsite this week to create and install the BATA Kids Adventure Trail, a spur off the main trail designed specifically for families and younger hikers to enjoy.  This shorter distance allows the Brownsboro Trails to be easily accessible for more people to experience the natural woodlands and the peaceful creek waters – just one-half mile from the trailhead.

Brownsboro Alliance worked with Unaka Environmental, LLC, an ecological consulting and biological design firm, to implement this new addition.  Unaka uses professional skills and cutting-edge methodologies that are designed to emulate naturally occurring conditions.  Unaka created a 3’ foot wide hiking trail with easy access to the tributary of Harrod’s Creek.  Steps were installed to accommodate for ravines and steep slopes and a log retainer was created where necessary along the downslope portion of the trail to help retain slope integrity, prevent erosion and maximize stability in the steep areas.  This spur allows for children to explore stream life, swim in a pond near a small waterfall, and closely interact with nature at its finest!