Important Parking Change for BATA Members:

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, limited parking is available near the intersection of Hwy 329 and Hwy 1694, on the TRAIL side of Hwy 329 (literally across the road from the original trailhead entrance where members used to enter to walk toward the woodlands). A new culvert has been installed for vehicles to turn in and park along the treeline to the right. WARNING: Please park as much as possible in the grassy area along the treeline (see photo below as to how the truck is parked) and NOT in the field to the left. The ground to the left is soft — you could get stuck and would have to arrange your own vehicle retrieval. Brownsboro Alliance is not responsible for vehicles getting stuck and/or needing to be towed out. Please note: BATA members are to no longer park along the fence of the original trailhead location.

The trails still remain closed to horseback riders. Once open, horse trailers will need to park their trailers at Foxhollow Farm’s parking lot.

We are excited! Thanks for your continued cooperation and support as BA works to relocate the trailhead.