BATA Trailhead Information

Driving Directions:

From I-71: The BATA Trailhead is only 2.3 miles off I-71! Take the Crestwood/Peewee Valley exit #14. From Louisville turn left onto 329 towards the town of Brownsboro (away from Crestwood). From Cincinnati turn right on to Hwy 329. Travel 2.3 miles. Pass the Foxhollow Farm entrance on your right. The BATA Trailhead entry will be on the left at 9510 Hwy 329. If you pass Hwy 1694 South intersection, you have gone too far.

From Hwy 42: Turn onto Hwy 329 (Covered Bridge Rd). Travel on 329 for 5.3 miles. Just passed the Hwy 1694 South intersection, the BATA Trailhead entry will on the right at 9510 Hwy 329.

From I-265: Take the Brownsboro Road/Crestwood Exit #34. Turn east onto 22 towards Crestwood (away from the Paddock (formerly the Summit )Shopping Center). Travel .07 miles and turn left onto 1694 North. You will pass Norton Commons on your left and continue on 1694 until it ends, forming a ‘T’ at Hwy 329. Turn right onto Hwy 329. Travel .02 miles. The BATA Trailhead entry will be on the right at 9510 Hwy 329.

With Much Appreciation:

We are most thankful to the grant dollars received from the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, Oldham County Fiscal Court, Oldham County Community Foundation, Jane N. Newton, Rogers Group, Kenny’s Excavating, Inc. and the many private and public donations that allowed BA to secure and install this new trailhead location.  And of course our great landowners:  Nina Bonnie, Cedar Hill Farm, Ernie Harris and the University of Louisville. We are so grateful!

Parking Instructions:

Parking is available at the new trailhead!

We are awaiting electricity (we are on a wait list and of course, need to raise more dollars) so to access the present gate, BATA members will need to:

  1. Pull into the trailhead entrance. You will need to get out of your car to open the gate.
  2. Manually enter a code, unlock and push open the gate. Please email to receive the code.
  3. Pull through, close the gate, and relock.
  4. Drive forward to the trailhead ahead to park.
  5. Be sure to take your phone with your saved BATA Member Digital ID (or have a copy with you) and lock your vehicle.  Carry your phone in case of an emergency!
  6. Proceed to the woodlands and enjoy!
  7. When leaving, please make sure your lock the gate behind you.
  8. Trails are open sunrise to sunset as the BATA rules state.

Horse trailer parking will be announced soon. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but it is a work in progress.

THANK YOU for your continued support with your BATA Membership! THANK YOU for your patience through this trailhead relocation and installation.