The trail will be CLOSED for modern gun deer season annually from mid- to late-November. Exact dates will be announced each year on the home page.

On the trail during Hunting Season (Sept 1 – Jan 31):

  • Wear bright clothing and/or purchase safety orange backpack covers and vests – be readily visible!
  • Make yourself known if you do hear shooting letting hunters know that you are in the vicinity.
  • Obey Rule 17 of the Brownsboro Alliance Membership Rules Agreement: “Dogs allowed on leash ONLY with hikers; no dogs with horses. Pick up after your dog.” A brightly colored bandana or other “dog apparel” is another thing to consider for your pet.
  • Report any illegal hunting to BATA – do not confront the hunters.
  • Obey Rule 9 of the Brownsboro Alliance Membership Rules Agreement: “Refer to the BA Website for postings during this time period. Landowner’s may temporarily post restrictions on usage of trails during particular hunting seasons. BA Trail members are prohibited from hunting while on the trails.”