Brownsboro Alliance is excited for another year, as our mission continues to renew and reconnect the economy, environment, and people of Brownsboro into a sustainable, innovative rural community.  We are looking forward to some enhancements to our digital presence on our website and Facebook page.  Here is a sneak peek into some of our plans for 2013:

First, we are thrilled to announce a new photo series featuring sights and scenes around Brownsboro.  Look for photos on our website, as well as Facebook.

Next, look for new webpolls and fun Facebook games to engage the community with BA online.

Also, we’ll be presenting more feature articles, highlighting businesses and people around Brownsboro.  We welcome suggestions, so if you would like to be featured, please contact us.

And of course, we will continue to host the community bulletin board, so let us know if you have news or an event you’d like to include.

With this glimpse into 2013, we look forward to unveiling more as the year unfolds.  We are glad to have your participation and support, and we anticipate another great year as we partner together with you!