I spent the morning with my youngest daughter in La Grange.  I had seen a new store advertised on Facebook that looked interesting, so with only one child in tow for a change, I went to check it out.

A&R Bulk Foods opened in April 2012 as a local bulk foods provider in Oldham County.  Just off I-71 across from Cracker Barrel, the location is fairly convenient from Brownsboro.  Owner Robin Moore manned the store, and was enthusiastic to show me around as one of the area’s only bulk food providers.  Many items A&R carries are Kentucky-proud, including Crestwood honey and packaged foods from a Mennonite community in Owenton.  I was pleased to support a local business, so I bought my family a few items with a plan to come back for more.  But it also made me wonder, “How local can I get?”

Did you know Brownsboro is home to Foxhollow, a bio-dynamic farm on Hwy 329?  Their farm store offers grass-fed beef, as well as fresh produce and pasture-raised chicken. But don’t stop there!  Other residents of Brownsboro raise livestock, including lambs and cattle, and grow produce for their families, neighbors, and commercial retailers.  On my farm, we have 14 laying hens, which produce nearly a dozen eggs a day. Last year we raised pigs, and we became beekeepers this spring when we got our first hive of honeybees.  We’ll be featuring more farms throughout the coming weeks.

Photo credit: Emily Sears

I would encourage Brownsboro residents to explore our community, which quietly has more to offer than one might imagine.  If you have the resources, look into what you might do on your own land, even if it is only a small garden for your family.  Sign up for one of Foxhollow’s classes at their folk school, where you can learn anything from canning to felting to raising chickens.  And of course, shop locally!